¿Cómo obtener archivos ejecutables de vb.net y acceder a la base de datos?

I have successfully program a VB.NET 2010 program connected with access database. I wanna to know how can I run my program on another PC haven't visual studio on it? what I must copy and how many file are them? and what the extensions of the files? and how can I get these files?

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Pretty basic stuff, Install the NET framework (same or later version used in your dev), Copy your executable and database file and adjust your settings to connect to the database. A little searching effort will be beneficial though. -

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You can create an installation/setup project which will copy and install all the relevant files.

Lee este tutorial para más detalles.

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When a source code is run through visual studio, an executable file is created in the directory of the project. The directory is in the project file \ bin \ debug. You could also find the database there if connected.

The program that you are looking for is usually in the extension .exe. You also need to make sure that the database is always in the same directory as the .exe file if you will run it on a different computer without visual studio or any other compiler just that the machine is compatible with .exe files (eg. windows OS on machine)

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