Simultaneidad de CoreData: ¿necesito una NSOperationQueue separada?

I have a CoreData app in which I have two NSNanagedContext:s for concurrency. One for the main thread and one for my background thread.

In one of my view controllers I also have a separate NSOperationQueue, which I use like this:

[self.queue addOperationWithBlock:^{
    [self processDataFromDictionary:jsonObject];

I've noticed that my NSNanagedContext also have a perform block method. If I instead wrote:

 [self.backgroundContext performBlock:^{
    [self processDataFromDictionary:jsonObject];

Would that also be executed asynchronously?

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If your managed object context is created using appropriate concurrency type, calling performBlock from any other queue will cause the block to be executed asynchronously on the context's own queue.

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Ok, thanks! So the other queue is needed to make it asynchronously then? - Anders

Algo como eso. Aquí hay un tutorial decente on the patterns you can adopt using the concurrency APIs added in iOS 5. - rickster

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