¿La mejor manera de obtener recuentos de frecuencia de palabras para un sitio web? ¿O parte de un sitio web?

Pretty simple, I just looking for a simple means of extracting word frequencies from a given website, or section of a website.

I am also interested in calculating average distance between two given words throughout a website. The units of distance being in words.

I am asking this question because I quite frankly haven't been able to find much information leading to the intuition of performing such a task. I don't have any experience with web spidering or scraping of any kind.

Thanks (I asked this question earlier, but it wasn't well formed)

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Maybe you can get some ideas by searching 'python str_word_count'. (str_word_count is a PHP function which return number of words counts of string) -

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Podrías intentar usar Scrapy. It is quite powerful tool for scrapping websites, but may require knowledge of regular expressions and XPath. Try to follow tutoriales.

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