poner en cola los efectos jquery asíncronos en diferentes divs con una llamada de función de sincronización

I want to fade out div1. Then fade in div2. Then execute the doStuffAtTheEnd function.

I thought when each effect takes a callback everything is synchron. But I never see the fade in of div2. Its just visible immediatelly without fade in effect.

¿Por qué es eso?

$('#div1').fadeOut(1000, function () {
    $('#div2').fadeIn(1000), function(){           

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asegurarse div2 is hidden in default.. -

@bipen and where should I call the .show() then? -

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you have incorrect closing bracket )

prueba este

$('#div1').fadeOut(1000, function () {
   $('#div2').fadeIn(1000, function(){  

y asegúrate div2 is hidden in default.


add display:none in your css for the div2 or hide it it document.ready function $('#div2').hide()... created this example fiddle (assuming this is what you want)...

violín aquí

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nah sorry thats just a typo not the original problem. - Elisabeth

@Elisa updated please check.. fadeIn by default shows the hidden elements - bipen

the trick was the .hide() initially for the div I want to .fadeIn(). I have created a good example here where you see 3 effects syncronyously done on 2 different divs: jsfiddle.net/9Ncrr/1 - Elisabeth

damn... I do not understand this, but the above sample link points to an old updated code. Seems something went wrong with copy/paste dont know or someone deleted the fiddle if thats possible at all. - Elisabeth

i think you forgot to update your fiddle.. anyways hope you fixed it and this helped.. happy coding - bipen

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