¿Cómo guardar el estado de inicio de sesión en Windows Phone 8?

I'm trying to build an app for WP8 with a login page. I want to save the user login state so that the end-user will not have to retype his/her credentials, my app is a HTML page embedded in the webbrowser control. Someone Can help me how save login state ?

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First of all if the website you are trying to log in to is not yours then what you ask for cannot be done.

Now assuming that you are using a WebBrowser in your XAML code and that the website you log in to is yours lets say you have a login successfull method:

there you have to call this code:


Entonces tu WebBrowser debería ser así:

<phone:WebBrowser HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" Name="webBrowserControl" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" IsScriptEnabled="True" ScriptNotify="JavaScriptNotify"/>

And the method that gets called in .cs file should actually store a success value into isolated storage that will be checked every time you open the login page:

void JavaScriptNotify(Object sender, NotifyEventArgs notifyArgs)
    // Check if the value is correct:
    if (notifyArgs.Value.Equals("LogInSuccess"))
        // Save State to Isolated Storage
        var settings = IsolatedStorageSettings.ApplicationSettings;
        settings.Add("loginStatus ", "success");

Finally you should override the constructor method of your login page to the following:

public LoginPage() { var loginStatus = settings["loginStatus "].ToString(); if (loginStatus.Equals(success)) { NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri("/PageAfterLoginPage.xaml, UriKind.Relative)); } }

And for this to be complete override the OnNavigatedTo method of PageAfterLoginPage.xaml and add the following code:


Last part will just remove the login page from the stack so that when the user clicks the back button wont be navigated to that screen again.

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