¿Es adecuado usar CMS para una pequeña aplicación de panel de administración? [cerrado]

I need to code a small admib panel that should get and display statistics from remote servers. The main problem here is that I need to do that ASAP. So the main question here is: to use CMS or not? I'm almost sure that deploying something big like Joomla or Drupal will not be quick. Still, maybe there's something easier that matces the following conditions.

  • has implemented security stuff (secure login, sessions and etc);
  • has implemented user/groups/privileges mechanism;
  • has an abbility of adding users for Super Administrator.

UPD. framework instead of CMS will do as well.

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Deploying the CMS you mentioned without the ability to manage content would not only defy it's purpose, but you would waste so much server resources. Personally I would have build my own mechanism. However, I'm pretty sure there are mechanisms on the net that will help you. -

webdesignledger.com/tools/… this blogpost has a few leightweight cms featured you may want to check it out. -

I think it would be better, if you use framework instead of cms. I recommend [slimframework][1] for its simplicity, still you get all security stuff, and its really quick to build an app with that. [1]: slimframework.com -

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Estás familiarizado con codeIgniter ? If yes then it is what you want.


Es un CMS with full time functionality of user/groups/privileges mechanism y muchos más.

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