enviar un objeto php desde un archivo php con html a otro archivo php


I have a php document that receives information from Ajax. I then set that information as attributes to an object of class Profile. I have html that displays a table. When the user clicks on Add the object should be sent to add_to_database.php where I want to access all of the objects attributes.

    $firstName = $_POST['fn'];
    $lastName = $_POST['ln'];

    class Profile{  
        public $firstName;
        public $lastName;

        public function setFirstName($fn){
            $this->firstName = $fn;

        public function setLastName($ln){
            $this->lastName = $ln;

        public function getFirstName(){
            return $this->firstName; 

        public function getLastName(){
            return $this->lastName;


    $person = new Profile();


    echo "<p><table border= \"1\"><tr><th> First Name:</th><th> Last Name:</th><th> Add To Database:</th></tr><tr><td>" . $person->getFirstName() . "</td><td>" . $person->getLastName() . "</td><td><a href='add_to_database.php'>Add</a></td></tr></table></p> ";

How do I send the firstname and lastname to add_to_database.php?

I have tried include, but the html appears. I have also tried sessions by storing the $person object in a session but I don't know how to access getFirstName and getLastName in add_to_database.php. The $person object will have more attributes later so i don't want to store every single attribute in a session. Is there any other way to do this?

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Share your object using sessions as you said , and use your getters like in your local file , but , include you class file and cast it -

So add some database code. Since you haven't shown any of this add_to_database.php script, we can't help you. None of the code you've shown even REMOTELY involves a database. -

@MarcB He just wants to get the call to that file. He's not asking how to code once it's there. -

You can AJAX betweem php files. You can actually just send it directly to add_to_database.php from wherever your other ajax call is -

How can i also send it to add_to_database.php at the same time. I'm new to AJAX. -

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What i suggest is to serialize your object and put it in a session variable ,and in your seconde page unserialize it and call your get methodes.


$person = new Profile();
$s = serialize($person);

And in your seconde page :

include 'Profile Class file here';

$u = unserialize($_SESSION['mySerializedObject']);
echo $u->getFirstname();

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I have tried your suggestion, but if i use include my html appears on add_to_database.php also it gives out errors since it does not recognize the POST objects in profiles_info.php. $person->getFirstName() is not retrieving anything. - user2687915

it's a better to put you class definition in a separate file - Charaf JRA

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