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I was writing a batch file and I tried this command %~f0. Then notepad ++ ask me to reload the file because it was edited from another program. I reloaded it and all the batch code became this strange black squares. How can I get the code back? Please Help!!!

preguntado el 09 de septiembre de 13 a las 21:09

Sounds like something or the operator error modified the file. Unless notepad ++ cant read it properly. Try opening it in a hex editor and looking at the contents. There is a Notepad ++ plugin -

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Using %~f0 gives the full name and path of the batch file under execution. I don't think it can corrupt your file. Unless you rewrote on to that file by accident (redirection?). in that case your file is lost :(

Respondido el 09 de Septiembre de 13 a las 21:09

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