el botón asp OnClientClick falla, es decir, 10

I have the code below, that I use to submit data to the server, I disable the button so the member not able to click the button multiple times (avoid multiple submissions) and i show moving image "in progress so the member knows something is happening.. "

The code works in firefox, ie 8,9 but fails on ie 10, what happens it kinda gets stuck on that page and doesnt go to the next page...

código asp.net

<p id="pInprogress" style="display: none">
                <img src="images/PleaseWait.gif" style="width: 30px;" id="imgWait" runat="server" />

 <asp:Button ID="btNext"
          OnClientClick="this.disabled = true; this.value = 'Submit in progress...'; inprogress();" 
          UseSubmitBehavior="false"  />

función javascript

    function inprogress() {
        document.getElementById("pInprogress").style.display = "";          

any ideas why it fails....


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Check your console for possible errors. -

thanks! i checked, it says SCRIPT5007: Unable to set property 'disabled' of undefined or null reference SCRIPT5009: 'WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions' is undefined what does it mean? -

Your code is working fine in my IE10 with VS2012. IE10 causing _doPostBack is an old bug and has been fixed. Please make sure you are using last .Net Framework. -

worked! how do I mark it solved? -

@Ben, You should post what worked for you as an answer, and accept your own answer. -

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