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How can I make 2 separate layout folder for screens that are xxhdpi, and screens that are everything else? Thanks! I have right now just a layout folder for all my layouts

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You can have folders under /res that are named as follows (where "xxhdpi" refers to the Densidad):

  • diseño
  • layout-xxhdpi

However, you may actually be referring to the Tamaño of the screen itself, which can be:

  • diseño
  • diseño-xlarge

como ejemplo...

Por favor revisa las Android Providing Resources docs for more information on the flavors of folder names for resources.

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Yes, density has absolutely nothing to do with screen size. The chances that you actually want a layout-xxhdpi folder are extremely low. - adamp

@MiStr thanks! this works, but what is the size for the nexus 7? - superusuario

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