Recuento de descargas del paquete Nuget

I would like to add a count of a number of times a particular package was downloaded to my page. I'm only interested in a single package. I understand I can make a call to[packageId], parse the page and get to the count this way, but this is quite troublesome.

Vi este, but could not figure out how to construct a url to get xml feed.

Cualquier ayuda se agradece.

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You might be interested by this: UsingOdataWithTheNugetApi

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The link is down... Do you still have the example code somewhere? - franzhuber23

If you want to show count on HTML UI just use badges. You can crate many types of them e.g. with:

Downloads count badge ejemplo: NuGet Downloads

Nuget version badge ejemplo: Versión del paquete

Badges are very popular now you can use them to show Build and unit tests results, package version, download count, rating, analytics, etc... You can see many examples on Documentos de Github.

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