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As I use a lot Printf.fprintf stdout ... in my programs, I would like to rename it by a shorter function. So I write:

let p = Printf.fprintf stdout

Y yo esperaría p "%s" "string" works. However, the compilation gives an error:

File "lib/utility.ml", line 27, characters 8-29:
Error: The type of this expression, ('_a, out_channel, unit) format -> '_a,
       contains type variables that cannot be generalized

Does anyone have an idea to rename it so that the application could be as simple as possible?

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For this specific case you can just use Printf.printf, ¿derecho? -

let p = Printf.fprintf stdout;; p "%s" "string" funciona para mi -

Programas de '_a is weak polymorphism, which if fine, but if it is an error it usually means you need to eta-expand. -

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I think it will work if you eta-expand your definition:

let p fmt = Printf.fprintf stdout fmt

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