¿Cómo puedo simular un toque en un UIWebView?

I want to automatically play a YouTube video but because of how YouTube's view counter is set up, autoplay views will not count as views.

How can I simulate a user interaction tap in a UIWebView so YouTube thinks that the user pressed/tapped play?

Or do you "think" that a very near version of iOS will support this? Trying to phrase that in NDA accordance. Do you think it would work if I changed the user agent of the UIWebView to a desktop user agent and displayed a standard YouTube page?

On the desktop YouTube videos autoplay on Youtube.com but this does not work on mobile.

Yo he puesto mediaPlaybackRequiresUserAction al no.

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Youtube has better anti autoclick detection than you seem to think. -

Ugh, I was afraid of answers like that. I don't see how possible it is for them to protect it. With non-public APIs this is easy. -

@Overcode What about my user agent idea? Would that not work? -

Youtube obviously doesn't have a public API for reasons like this. The site records some other information that you probably don't have, most notably IP, which I believe is their main method of tracking clicks. -

@Overcode I was talking about an iOS API. And the IP would not matter because the request would originate from a UIWebView on the clients network without my server as an intermediary. -

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