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I am in a situation where I need to view everything that was output to the screen recently in my putty session. Unfortunately, I can only view the last 200 lines. Is there any way to do this? The putty window is still open, if that helps.

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Increase the size of the scrollback buffer, I commonly use 2000 lines of scrollback. -

Any way to view it presently? -

Check if you have not logging enabled (in options) by chance. -

session logging isn't checked -

in putty configuration (that's the thing you see when starting putty, with on the left a tree with options Session, Terminal, Window, Connection and a bunch of subioptions), option Window, it's quite appropriately called Lines of scrollback. -

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Maybe use screen command:

or see a manual:

man screen

and then log output with:

“Ctrl-A” “H”

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