Complejidad de tiempo para un bucle for triple

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Análisis asintótico de tres bucles for anidados

I was solving the time complexity of this algorithm. seeing that the outer loop runs n times and inner loop 1 runs i times, I applied the summation and got the two outer loops' complexity to be n(n plus 1)/2. Then the inner loop executes j times equals to summation of j from j is 0 to j is n(n plus 1)/2. This yields the total complexity of O(n4).

El problema

Análisis asintótico de tres bucles for anidados

Seems like my answer is wrong. Where did I made the mistake?

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You counted the wrong thing. The inner loop executes j veces, y j es siempre menor que n. Therefore, for each of your n(n-1)/2 times the inner loop comienza, the body of the inner loop will be executed less than n times, which means the total number of times the loop executes is at most n(n-1)/2 * O(n), which is at most O(n^3). What I think you did was double-counting. You tried to use the "summation" of j, which is the total number of times the for (int j... loop executes. But that information is ya haya utilizado contained in the computation you already made, n(n-1)/2; using that information again and multiplying it with n(n-1)/2 is double-counting.

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Thanks! Now I solved it like this: the outer loop runs n times. Middle loop runs n(n + 1)/2 times. And the inner loop runs from 0 to n(n + 1)/2 in a series of summation - and calculating the sum, it comes.out to be n/2 *(n(n + 1)/2) which is equal to O(n3)! - Mustehsun Iqbal

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