¿Hay alguna función que pueda ordenar los valores de mi matriz entera de menor a mayor? [cerrado]

If I had a array containing integers, whats the best way to sort them from smallest to greatest?


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Muy fácil:

int[] intarray;
// ...

If you have a List instead:

List<Integer> numbers;
// ...

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int[] x= new int[] {1,2,3,4,0,-3};


for(int temp: x) {
    System.out.println( temp);

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¿Por qué no solo System.out.println(Arrays.toString(temp));? - bohemio

I am just showing how this stud can do print - dan hunex

And I just showed you how to do it properly. And what's i declared for? - bohemio

Frankly , even this student is not supposed to use Arrays.sort ,he has to learn how to implement sorting by himself and displaying things until he become expert. Anyway, thank you for your marvelous lecture - dan hunex

@DanHunex - Stud? Really? Where's the evidence? :-) - Stephen C

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