Rotación por hora de un archivo PHP incluido

How can I rotate a PHP included file on an hourly rotation schedule?

I have a index.php and four files with some content. I want, for every six hours, a different content-file will be included.

For example, in the first time period:

<?php include 1.php ?>

Some hours later:

<?php include 2.php ?>

Again, some hours later:

<?php include 3.php ?>

I already tried Googling and made something like this:

// starting date for rotation
$startDate = '2013-09-10';
// array of filenames
$files = array('1.php','2.php','3.php','4.php');

$stamp = strtotime($startDate);
$days = (time() - $stamp) / (0*0*6);
$filesName = $files[$days % count($files)]

<?php include $filesName; ?>

Sin embargo, esto no funciona.

¿Cómo puedo arreglar esto?

preguntado el 10 de septiembre de 13 a las 00:09

Nice that you included what you actually had tried. It would also be helpful for your question if you included the result/error message instead of simply saying esto no funciona -

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qué tal si:

if($hour ==0) $hour = 1; //take care of hour 0

include $file.'.php';

Respondido el 10 de Septiembre de 13 a las 01:09

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