iOS 7 UITableViewStyleGrouped esquinas redondeadas faltantes y tamaño de vista de relleno de ancho de fila de celdas

UITableViewStyleGrouped does not have rounded corners like in iOS versions <= 6. Is anyone having same problem in iOS 7? My UITableView is all written in code as it is complex. I have had a look at all the changes and guidelines and I cannot see any mention of change to the cell appearance. Where did the corners go?

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iOS 7 is Borderless. Rounded corners are no longer available in iOS 7. Apple removed this feature. I am currently working with iOS 7 and had a discussion with apple support guys. They confirmed that this is no more supported. You can see the Settings app for an example — the table view there is group style.

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Thanks for that. I should have checked settings though. My brain was scrabbled. - Joseph Bolade Caxton-Idowu

However, on iPad the detail view still looks with rounded corners. - Richard Topchii

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