HTTP 400 mal nombre de host de solicitud, al acceder a localhost desde otra PC

I want to access to my local host from another computer on the network ! I used my pc's IP and created a inbound rule for my port on windows firewall.

this is my local host address: localhost:2523/StartUpPage.aspx I use my host system's IP así que cuando uso yo consigo el HTTP 400 bad request hostname Error

Nota: my system works on the local computer with no problem!

¿Como puedó resolver esté problema?

Gracias de antemano!

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What web server are you using? IIS Express? IIS? Cassini? -

@JoachimIsaksson I run it on Visual studio which is set to use IIS Express! in other words it runs on IIS Express -

Then you may be looking for este enlace. -

@JoachimIsaksson thanks for the link it solve the 400 Error but it gave me 503 error on remote machine so i used este to solve it and now i can access the webapp from both sides only for few seconds and than IIS stops working and visual studio pops up with Unable to lunch IIS express web server error -

I had similar problem. Have you seen this solution ? [Connecting to Visual Studio debugging IIS Express server over the lan - stack overflow][1] [1]:… -

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