AngularJS ng-class no funciona para condiciones

This is very straightforward but I am not able to change the class.

I am basically verifying if the date is in correct format (DD-MMM-YYYY hh:mm:ss).

<input type="text" style="width : 80%" ng-model="startTime" ng-class="{invalid: !isValid ,valid: isValid}" />

where isValid is a scope variable which evaluates to true and false. The css class is not applied.

Aquí está la plnkr.

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It is working. Inspect the element. Your bootstrap classes are overwriting it. Try this:

 .invalid {
    background-color: #FA787E !important;

 .valid {
    background-color: #78FA89 !important;

Respondido el 26 de Septiembre de 13 a las 19:09

Yes. Just figured that out . The !important was important. Thanks - paquete perdido

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