MembershipProvider - ¿Cookie o Sesión?

What does MembershipProvider class in ASP.NET use to authenticate users on the HTTP level? Is it Cookie or Session?

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Ninguno de los dos. La MembershipProvider class itself does not concern itself with HTTP session state. MembershipProvider is an abstract base class whose child classes define different ways to manage users, their passwords, etc.

However, ASP.NET uses the FormsAuthentication class by default to set a difficult-to-guess authentication cookie when the user gets logged in (after authenticating with MembershipUtil. This in turn allows ASP.NET to populate the HttpContext.Current.User property during each request.

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do you have link for my reference? - rajeemcariazo

@rajeem_cariazo: Turns out I wasn't quite right. See my updated answer. - StriplingGuerrero

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