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So I'm running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard and am trying to delete a service with 'sc delete <myservicesname>' and the command seems to execute without complaint, however, when I check the services list after running the command, the service is still there.

¿Alguna idea?

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I found Brian's answer correct. -

Brian's answer also helped me out, since I was using powershell, and sc just looked like it did nothing. -

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sc in PowerShell is Set-Content; so if you are running in PowerShell, you likely have a file called 'delete' with your service's name as its content

If this is indeed your issue, use

sc.exe delete servicename

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Helped me out as well. Thanks - Bennie van der Walt

Service can be marked for deletion, but may not be deleted immediately, since something holds it. See this answer for possible holders:

In my case, I just closed the Computer Management ventana

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Most unexpected fix, there is no indication a service is marked for deletion - muy

Make sure to stop the service first then run the sc delete command. It will take care of closing any running process.

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You can do something like this in PowerShell, although Remove-Service cmdlet is only available in PowerShell versions 6.0 and up


get-service | Where-Object {$_.Name -eq $SERVICE_NAME} | Stop_Service

    if((Get-Host | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Version).Major -ge 6){
        Remove-Service -Name $SERVICE_NAME
        sc.exe delete $SERVICE_NAME
    Write-Output $_.exception.message

You can find the docs for Remove-Service cmdlet AQUÍ

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