Se muestra un espacio en blanco al hacer clic en el título del enlace

Need help. for now im trying to learn foundation framework and using the off-canvass plugin. my problem is when click the Title goes here the div get separated with sidebar. I have manage to take a screenshot of it.

enter image description here

una vez que haga clic en el title goes here there is a white appearing.

you can base on this fiddle.


also i tried making the sidebars heigth set to 100% but it is not working

 #sidebar {
  background: #333;
  position: absolute;
  height: 100%;
  padding: 0px;
  -webkit-box-shadow: inset -2px 0px 8px -1px #111111;
  box-shadow: inset -2px 0px 8px -1px #111111;
  padding-top: 10px;
  bottom: 0;

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I couldn't quite figure it out, but It has something to do with .active [role="main"] { margin-right: -80%; }

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