permitir el desplazamiento en el elemento flotante que está fijo

I have a small navigation box called "server" on

If you resize the browser to a phones screen size and hover the "server" button, you can´t scroll the appearing content. Only the background is scrolling. How can I fix this ?

Edit: According to answer 1

I got it working without javascript (I don´t even know what it changed ?):

Edit2: current version, problem with a relative height of 100%.

So it looks like this now:

How do I get the height of the accordion to 100% of the browser size without javascript.


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What is wrong with my question, that it gets down votes ? -

What should I paste here as code ? Isn´t it more clear if you check out the website ? -

ok, I see. In opinion it is easier to look it up with firebug than in jsfiddle. Next time I add the code as this question is answered if thenewseattle answer is right. -

I will, maybe someone knows another solution without javascript. Because JS is no option for me. -

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It does now work like this, without any javascript:

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you dont need to answer your own question. check my answer. it's correct - el nuevo asiento

sry, but its bad. You said I need Javascript for it to work and there is no need at all. - user2693017

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