Cómo truncar el carácter inicial de una cadena en mysql para una condición específica

I want to truncate the first letter of a string which have size more than 11 character. I know I can use substring function like

SELECT SUBSTRING(name, 1, 10) from table1;

which will truncate and return me the first 10 letter. what should I do if I want to remove the character from the beginning if the string is greater than 10 character.

abcdefghijklmn ==>  efghijklmn

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¿Qué tal RIGHT():

SELECT RIGHT(name, 10)
FROM table1;

Demostración: Violín SQL

RIGHT() returns a specified number of characters from the right side of a string. If you want to apply any function only in certain situations, a CASE statement can be used.

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create table table1(name char(25));

insert into table1 values('abcdefghijklmn'); select right(name,10) from table1;

RIGHT() is the function you need to use.

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