El complemento Maven y Svn no funciona en Eclipse Indigo

I am using Eclipse Helios and want to migrate to Indigo. I have installed Indigo and m2e and subclipse plugin. I was able to import maven project as well as projects from svn.

But from the next day, Svn is missing from perspective and while trying to import maven projects, I am not able to find maven in the list.

I have uninstalled and installed again but same issue occured again.

Is it because both Helios and Indigo installed in my machine ?

Por favor ayudame a resolver este problema.

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Is it because both Helios and Indigo installed in my machine ?

That shouldnt create any issue at all. I have multiple versions of eclipse installed in my system and they all seem to work fine.

As far as the m2e and subclipse plugin is concenred, I have used it personally on Indigo without any issue at all and there doesn't seem to be any incompatibility issue.

It maybe possible that eclipse plugins have gotten a bit messy and need a re-start. Goto the directory where you have installed eclipse and add this line on the top of the eclipse.ini file.

....the rest of the settings and params

Then start your eclipse, it will attempt to clean and re-load each plugin again.

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