¿Cómo puedo evitar que el contenedor del menú ExtJs se salga del cuerpo?

Estoy utilizando ExtJs 4.1.1. I am using body layout, the North region of which has a top toolbar. The top toolbar has a splitButton on it's extreme right.

Problema: Sometimes when the menu item has long text the container of menu items spills out of the body and it appears truncated.

enter image description here

I want to ensure that the menu text and the entire menu container is always visible. How can I achieve this?

Actualizar: Can I configure the menu to unfold leftwards instead of right? This will take care of this particular situation.

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Does the text need to be dynamic? -

Yes, the text is dynamic. -

Have you tried using a </br> statement in the text being displayed? -

In order to see complete text, I have tooltips. I am really looking for a proper solution that would guarantee no spillover, especially when there is substantial real estate available on the left side. -

¿Ha encontrado una solución para esto? -

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On the menu component, try adding:

listeners: {
     afterrender: function(component) {
         // Hide menu and then re-show so that alignment is correct.

Ver aquí

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