Incluir la versión minificada de jQuery en los paquetes hace que no se cargue

Ok folks, this is what happens:

I have the BundleConfig class registering bundles, like usual:

    new ScriptBundle("~/scripts/vendor")

That actually does not load the jQuery file, causing bootstrap to not work. BUT, when I replace ".min.js" para ". Js", thus using the debug version, everything works just fine, like so:

    new ScriptBundle("~/scripts/vendor")

For the record, I got all the files in place; spelling checks; everything is in the same guiones carpeta.

I don't know what else could be wrong; and I doubt the file from jQuery is corrupted some how, since it was downloaded directly from NuGet!

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To whoever might be interested. I just found out what the problem was; and it was a silly one.

In order for minified files to work correctly, including jquery-{version}.min.js, which was causing me problems, you gotta have debug mode turned off in your web.config file, like so:

    <compilation debug="false" targetFramework="4.5" />

Anyways, problem solved!

respondido 28 mar '14, 03:03

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