¿Cómo detecto un cambio en la URL con php?

I have a textbox in which a user can input a name and it is stored as the following variable:


After which, I have some php code that will create a string based on the contents of the input.

$site = "www.example.com/" . $username;

As an example, let's say the name John is stored, the $site variable would be:

$site = "www.example.com/John";

If I were to go to that URL via my browser, I get redirected to:


Essentially, a string of numbers for that name, and this string is unique to each name. How should I go about getting that new URL, all with php? After that I would proceed to extract that string of numbers, but the only part I'm unsure about is how to actually get that new URL.

Gracias de antemano.

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Are you using any MVC framework? -


@user2486495: I'm not too experienced with php, I am not too sure what that is and I would also prefer to keep it simple, but if there's absolutely no other option then I may have to use that. -

@Hanky웃Panky: Could you give me an example of how to use it based on my situation? Thanks. -

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