Tinymce-4: Extrae texto solo de un enlace

In the tinymce.activeEditor I have this line of innerHTML-code (part of an ul-list):

<li><a href="#">Important words</a></li>

I put caret somewhere in the sentence "Important words", click a button with this line of code as part of the onclick-event:

seltxt = editor.selection.select(editor.selection.getNode()).text;

This selects/highlight the text "Important words" as it should, but unfortunally also the surrounding <a href>…</a>. I don't want that, only the clean text between those a-tags. I've seen close to houndres of select-text ideas but none so fare that can filter out/schrink selection to text withouth those a-tags using some smart short Javascript code. I don't want jquery! Can someone solve this for me?

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textContent will give you the text

respondido 28 nov., 13:06

This works nice (gets the text content only) but does not however select it in the editor as my previous setup did (my setup selected too much :) I try tweek this a little. But, yes, it did basically what I wanted too. When I apply a background color span to it, it sets bg color span twice, both on the text (inside of a-tag as I wanted) and outside the a-tag too (as I not wanted). Weird, but tnx mate! - Retroceso

wc buddy, i think you are talking about background color or foreground color plugin..in that you can tweak back/forecolor plugin and check if current selection is anchor tag and if so you have to find textcontent as i did here and wrap only it with the span tag.. - Vishal Sharma

Tnx, yes, thats what I figuered out too. Its not a color plugin but a menu system user can change dynamically (custom plugin). Wrapping a span around the text solved a long list of probs anoying me, and all works as a breeze now. - Retroceso

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