Fragmentos VS Actividades: ¿Mezclar ambos es una buena idea?

Is it a good idea to mix Fragments y Activities? In my app, few windows need to be Fragments because they should have ViewPager. Other screens are normal.

So my question is, when you started using Fragments, do you use Fragments everywhere? Whether it is needed or not? My app should support 5 inch to 4 inch screen only anyway.

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i use both in my application and work fine -

i also use fragment activity -

Check out some opinions on related thread: ¿Cuántas actividades vs fragmentos? -

@RichardLeMesurier: So basically what you mean is keep one activity? (The main) -

You use activities anyway (at least one). In some aspects, activities are easier to manage, but they have some limitations. It's OK to use both where it does the job. -

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