QlikView:Usando el valor de las dimensiones en la expresión

I am trying to figure out how can I use dimension values as one of the set modifiers in Expressions in qlikview. Consider the following:

Raw Data:
PName, count



i-e using the dimension value as one of the set modifiers.

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Could please define what you mean by dimension? I ask because the only dimension in your raw data is PName and you reference Name which isn't defined anywhere. If Name está vinculado a PName in another table and you have a Name listbox on your dashboard, you simply do sum(count) and select the values for Name in the listbox. If that won't work for your use case, please provide more info on what Name is in your context. -

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As @bdiamante said. It is not clear what you exactly want to do.

But I assume that you only want to use the current value of the dimension to calculate the count of names. If that is true, then you can simply say:



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I believe I understand. Try sum({<Pname=p(Name)>}count). This says that pname will be the possible values of name. También mira en e() which is the excluded values.

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If Name is a literal value, try this:


It would always give you the count as if someone had selected PName = 'AB'.

If you only want it to show the count for AB, if AB has not been excluded based on the current selections (e.g. someone has selected PName of 'BC'), then use:


This will give you the count for AB, but only if AB is included in scope for (i.e. intersects with) the current selections.

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