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I am working on WSO2 DSS 3.0.1 with Postgresql as DataBase. Can any one give me working example on Scheduling in WSO2 DSS How to schedule the data service How it is working and benefits of this scheduling these services.

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Este documento will give you an idea about how scheduling in WSO2_DSS

UPDATE 1: The following blog post shows a step by step, working example on this. I think it will help you to solve your issue. There I used cassandra db to explain the scenario.


create Scheduled task in DSS, Go to, Home > Manage > Services > Add > Data Service > Scheduled Tasks > Add New Task in DSS Server and in Data Service Specific Information > Scheduling Type desplegable seleccionar DataService Task Class

In DataService Task Class field you must specify the fully qualified class name. (eg: com.example.DssSchedlueTask.ScheduledDataTask_abcCompany)

This is the 6th step of the above mentioned blog post example.

Hope this help you to solve your issue...

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HI Isuru again thank you,i written emp dataservice for select and insert operations, i scheduled the emp service, in scheduled task.And i did n't change any configuration . While i am inserting or selecting data from TRYIt side, scheduling is not working...please guide me how to schedule this emp service.. - Kanchetianeel

Are you using the RDBMSSample for this? - Isuru Gunawardana

Yes Isuru,here is sample emp data service **gist.github.com/anonymous/7702508 ** - Kanchetianeel

@Kanchetianeel I updated the answer with more info. Hope it will answer your questions. - Isuru Gunawardana

Hi Isuru ,Thank you,i tried as u said but instead of Cassandra i used the Postgresql,After i copy the jar file wso2 DSS in lib floder and restart the server ,there no scheduled on Wso2 DSS termina side.Here i am sending my Git Url. Please check me once..**gist.github.com/anonymous/7747764** - Kanchetianeel

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