¿Es posible crear una aplicación en segundo plano usando node-webkit?

I wanted to create a complete background running app that only shows up in the system-tray and doesn't have any "window" as such. I tried setting the "window" attribute to false, but that doesn't work. Is there any way to create a completely background daemon-style application using node-webkit?

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Additionally place a tray to truly reflect a background app:


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Simply use this package.json

  "window": {
    "show": false

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This doesn't appear to work anymore. Has it been depreciated? - Tauriano

@Taurian - Not deprecated. Maybe you're just doing something wrong, like not opening your window with nw.gui perhaps? - jamesmortensen

Can you elaborate this> - majidarif

does not work, a hide window canot render content, example: youtube in background. - e-info128

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