¿Cómo ejecutar archivos .sql presentes en una máquina con Windows en un servidor mysql conectado de forma remota?

I have a .sql file on windows that I want to run on mysql server that is present on centOS. I am using the following command to connect and execute the .sql file-

mysql -u user_name -ppassw0rd -h [ip address of centOS] -P [port used by mysql server] --verbose < file path on windows.

But on executing this command i am getting an error as :

ERROR 2013 (HY000) at line 3: Lost connection to MySQL server during query

Also is there any way to see the errors that occur when query is executed.

Note - I am using mysql command line tool on windows to run the above command.

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i have tried setting --wait_timeout but it doesn't help. -

do you have any firewall rules on the mysql machine preventing you access from localhost? -

i can access my mysql machine -

i have checked that already.... -

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