Pantalla desconocida pasada a Tk_CreateErrorHandler

I have a Python/Tk script which, sometime to time generate this error : "Unknown display passed to Tk_CreateErrorHandler"

I'm using the application through a ssh tunnel on a remote Linux machine with an exported display. I understand the reason of this error, but I assume that it's generated because it need to display another, real, problem.

Como puedo resolver esto ?

How to say to "Tk_CreateErrorHandler" to use my exported display (or better, if possible, $DISPLAY variable) ?

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Show trackback and some code. -

Well, if only I knew which code create this error ... -

Add to question full error message (trackback) - there is filename and number of line with problem. -

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Para obtener DISPLAY variable:

import os

print os.getenv("DISPLAY")

but I don't know how to use it with Tk_CreateErrorHandler

respondido 27 nov., 13:15

This is already a first step ... I guess now that I will have to pass this value to Tk - eric

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