capturar la salida del comando android en perl

root@android:/mnt/sdcard # input keyevent 66I'm running a perl script on android prompt. Wanted to know how do i capture output of a android command to a perl variable. I've done the following, but output is not captured. Please help.

use Net::Telnet;
$port  = Net::Telnet->new( Host=>$ip,Port=>$ip_port,Dump_log=> "dump.log");

@lnes= $port->cmd("input keyevent 66");
        print "Console Log:";
            print $lnes[$lc];
            print FILE $lnes[$lc];

I"m getting only "root@android:/mnt/sdcard # input keyevent 66" only and not the messages displayed after i enter this command. Please help.

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como es $port ¿creado? -

that cannot be the entire script -

I"ve edited to add port definition. -

¿Qué sucede si usa el telnet utility to that address/port, and enter the same command? -

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Eso debería ser

$port = new Net::Telnet(Host => $ip, Port => $ip_port, Dump_log => "dump.log");

o, preferiblemente

$port = Net::Telnet->new(Host => $ip, Port => $ip_port, Dump_log => "dump.log");

respondido 27 nov., 13:08

Ok i've changed it to second one you have suggested. But it was working with the command i've given. Now, how do i solve the original issue? - Sharath

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