objetos dentro de Ext.tab.Panel

I am writing simple apps with Sencha Touch 2. I see that the basic object in app/view/Main.js is Ext.tab.Panel.

What other Ext objects can be embedded directly into Ext.tab.Panel? Where can I look up this information?

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From the Sencha Touch 2.3.1 docs, Ext.tab.Panel sección:


Tab Panels are a great way to allow the user to switch between several pages that are all full screen. Each Component in the Tab Panel gets its own Tab, which shows the Component when tapped on. Tabs can be positioned at the top or the bottom of the Tab Panel, and can optionally accept title and icon configurations.

Basically, you can put any view class which is subclass of Ext.Container inside a tab panel.

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You can put any view you want.You can even put another container inside a container

Have a look at sencha touch docs.


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