AngularJs: los controladores llaman al método de servicio

I tried to create a method in the services.js :

var esServices= angular.module('esServices', []);

esServices.factory('boxItems', ['$http', function($http) {

esServices.factory('cartItems', ['$cookieStore', function($cookieStore) {
        array = $cookieStore.get('key');
        var cartItems = new function(){},           
        cartItems.addItem = function(itemSelected){     
        $cookieStore.put('key', []);        
   $cookieStore.put('key', array);   

in my controllers I call the service method:

         esControllers.controller('esList', ['$scope','cartItems','$cookieStore',
                    function($scope,cartItems,$cookieStore) {          

(itemSelected is an object) 

Do you Know if it is possible to pass values (objects) from Controller to Service Method in this way?

Somebody can help me!!!

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Can you post rest of the services.js? -

You don't have a return statement in your service. -

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esServices.factory('cartItems', ['$cookieStore', function($cookieStore) {
        return {
            addItem: function(itemSelected){
                var array = $cookieStore.get('key');       
                $cookieStore.put('key', array);
            removeItem: function(){

then call using


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But I have the method addItem, removeItem and getItem - user880386

so then you add another function called removeItem in the same way, addItem:function(){...}, removeItem: function(){...}. you then call each of these methods in the controller using cartItems.method(). Angular services need a return statement and in this instance you're returning an object of functions - cejast

Before var array = $cookieStore.get('key'); I tried to print itemSelected, this object is empty....maybe I wrong to obtain the object from controller... - user880386

Do you Know if it is possible to pass values (objects) from Controller to Service Method in this way? - user880386

you just pass it through the function parameters like you would any other function. so if you wanted to pass $scope.object from the controller to your addItem() function in the service you would call cartItems.addItem($scope.object). - cejast

You should inject the service in the controller like

        var app = angular.module('app', ['ngCookies'] );
        app.factory('cartItems', ['$cookieStore', function($cookieStore) {
          return {
             addItems : function(){
         $scope.test = 'my test';

If you want to use your ugly syntax :) just return cartItems from your factory

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