FileNotFoundException con archivo de propiedades

I'm trying to read some props from It locates in WEB-INF/classes/. This is how I do:

public class Configures {

    private static final String INPUT_FILE = "WEB-INF//classes//"; 

    public static String getMail() {
        Properties prop = new Properties();
        try {
            //load a properties file
            prop.load(new FileInputStream(INPUT_FILE));

            //get the property value
            return prop.getProperty("mail");

        } catch (IOException ex) {
        return null;

Qué INPUT_FILE should contain? I was trying to put it in srcdel ADN, tales como los src//, pero tira FileNotFoundException. I googled that file should locate in CLASSPATH(en WEB-INF/classes as I understood). What is wrong?

PS. I'm using Spring.

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do you check with absolute path ?? -

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This has nothing to do with Spring. If you are deploying a web application, everything in WEB-INF/classes will appear starting at the root of the classpath.

You can get it the InputStream to that resource with

InputStream in = Configures.class.getResourceAsStream("/");

Since a web application is not always extracted from its .war file, the actual properties file might only exist as a zip entry. As such, you can't (and shouldn't) retrieve it with FileInputStream.

Here's the javadoc.

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I don't think you want the slash in the name. - jalynn2

@jalynn2 Why don't you think so? - Sotirios Delimanolis

because it is in the root of the classpath? - jalynn2

@jalynn2 For that specific reason, it needs to have the leading /. Otherwise, it would be resolved relative the package that Configures es en. - Sotirios Delimanolis

@Tony You're welcome. Take a look at the javadoc I've linked and try to familiarize yourself with the classpath. Web apps are a little different than standalone apps in that regard. - Sotirios Delimanolis

Since you are using SPRING , I suggest you "CAN" use this as part of your Bean definition:

<property name="template" value="classpath:/">


Resource template = ctx.getResource("classpath:/");

or the plain old as suggested by @Sotirios Delimanolis

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