Problema con la visibilidad: oculto en la función jquery slidedown ()

Cuando estoy usando display:none to a div and using slidedown function of JQuery to slide the div then it works but the divs get scattered on display:none ,instead of this when i am Visibilty:none to a div then the other divs do not scatter but the JQuery does not works.

#slider {
.form-notice {

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An immediate solution can be: First Add margin-left to your slider class

 .slider {
     float: left;
    margin-top: 0;
    width: 47.3%;
    margin-left: 329px;

And set it auto dentro de esta función:


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display: none; takes the element out of the flow of the document, so it does not retain any block level positioning on the page. visibility: hidden; simply makes the element invisible, but it still takes up the same space on the page. The built-in .slideDown() método (junto con .slideUp() y .slideToggle() ) make use of display:none.

En su lugar, intente usar el .animate() method on the opacity css property and maybe chain a .css() method to it that gives it visibility: hidden; as a backup for older browsers.

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may i add this method to jquery .firstly i set method to hide on load and chain it with slideup() - átomo

.slideUp() will cause the matched element to have display: none;, so that will remove it from the document flow. If you don't want this to happen, try this: $('button').eq(0).click(function() { $('p').slideUp(); }); $('button').eq(1).click(function() { $('p').animate({'opacity': 0}); }); JSFiddle - danwarfel

la diferencia entre display:none y visibility:none es que el display:none not fill the place where you placed a div but visibility:none occupy the place, and slide property add a display:none y display:block to the element after animation is complete. So its better to use display propiedad en lugar de visibility.

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but my problem is with div. the other divs get scattered thats the problem. - átomo

so you have to use animation instead of slide to use visibility. - Arjun

and also you can use podition absolute to the div which you want to slide. this does not affect the another divs. - Arjun

Intenta hacer esto: $('p').animate({'opacity': 0});. Vea JSFiddle - danwarfel

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