¿Dónde se almacenan los resultados de las instrucciones de ensamblaje?

If I have an instruction:

imull $eax, $ecx

so that it is multiplying what is stored in the two registers, where is the answer stored?

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Read the question. I know what the operation is performing. Where is it being stored. Back into $eax possibly? -

The inputs and outputs are documented along with each instruction in Intel's Developer's Manual. Since you're using AT&T syntax rather than Intel, the ordering of the operands is different, which affects instructions with explicit destinations, like the one in your question. Adrian's answer is correct, but I wouldn't call it the property of the assembler, more a property of the assembler dialect being used. -

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Different assemblers work differently. For the GNU Assembler the result will go in $ecx. This is the opposite convention from most windows assemblers.

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