Informe de Crystal: el filtro de fecha funciona incorrectamente [cerrado]

I created a Crystal Report on C# Web Application and implemented the date filter function by adding parameter fields. My parameter fields are startdate and enddate.

I have used the record selection formula:

Date({SPR_Reload;1.DateRecorded}) >= {?startdate} and Date({SPR_Reload;1.DateRecorded}) <= {?enddate}

I have also used a stored procedure to retrieve the data I need. I have successfully run the report but I can only retrieve one data.


Sample data: 2/1/2014 2/4/2014 2/7/2014

If I've chosen Start Date - 2/1/2014; End Date - 2/7/2014, only one data will be shown.

2/7/2014 will be the one be shown on the report.

How can I show all the data between the chosen dates? Thanks

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what is the data type of {SPR_Reload;1.DateRecorded} field if it is date then why should place it into Date() function. -

The data type of the field was in date. It shows the date and time if the Date() was removed. -

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It's already working. It turned out that I forgot to remove the old suppression code.

Respondido 13 Feb 14, 05:02

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