Uso compartido de grupos de OpenCL y OpenGL con el procesador de software de Apple

I have successfully shared a GPU-based OpenGL context with OpenCL (using CL_CONTEXT_PROPERTY_USE_CGL_SHAREGROUP_APPLE when creating the OpenCL context).

However if the OpenGL context is software-based (created with kCGLPFARendererID, kCGLRendererGenericFloatID), then OpenCL context creation failed with error CL_INVALID_DEVICE (-33).

Is it possible to group-share a CPU-based OpenCL context with a CPU based OpenGL context?

¿Si es así, cómo?

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I think this is a SDK/ Driver specific problem. So you should try to ask this question in a developer forum of the hardware you are trying to use.

For example you can register without problems at this page for amd related stuff:
There you get answers also from AMD interal developers like driver developer. I think they could tell you if it is possible or not.

For the Intel side of live you should try this place:
But there i can't tell you how likely the internal developers try to answer.

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As far as I understand Apple writes the OpenCL and OpenGL implementation on their platform, so Intel has nothing to do with that. - Yoav

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