Accidente de chat de video de Android QuickBlox

Estaba probando Sample-videochat-android code with my Galaxy Grand Duos and Nexus 4 device. When I tried to call from user1 to user2, the call initialized but after some time the app in caller device crashed. Some time crash within 10-15 second and some time it crash after 5-6 minutes. Logcat:

W/System.err(12277): Mark has been invalidated.
W/System.err(12277): at
W/System.err(12277): at
W/System.err(12277): at com.quickblox.module.videochat.core.receivers.TcpPacketsReceiver$TcpAudioVideoReceiverRunnab
W/System.err(12277): at
D/QBDataReceivers(12277): before cycle: 2868
D/dalvikvm(12277): WAIT_FOR_CONCURRENT_GC blocked 27ms
D/QBDataSenders(12277): sendAudioData
A/libc(12277): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xff260021 (code=1), thread 12384 (Thread-    557)

I know about Fatal signal 11 and I have searched it. But the native library is provided by QuickBlox so I can not test it. Any one have any Idea how can I fix the problem?

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The issue has been fixed. The master branch will be updated approximately in two weeks (hopefully earlier). Please feel free to follow QuickBlox blog to find out when it is ready.

Respondido 13 Feb 14, 14:02

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