Eclipse Egit se atasca en obtener información de sucursales remotas

I have installed Egit Plugin from the below update link

and the following got installed

Eclipse Git Team Provider
Eclipse Git Team Provider - Source Code
Task focused interface for Eclipse Git Team Provider

Now i am trying to clone a URI using Import option The link i am trying for instance is

and egit is getting stuck as per the png on below link

Tried uninstalling and installing multiple version tried changing the buffer size in preferences.

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Are you behind a proxy or a firewall? This can block the necessary calls and will keep your egit just wait. -

Note that the Egit plugin is still under development (a few years ago I had to delete and recreate a few of my Github repos because something very strange happened). I'd ask the guys for support: -

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The URL in the question does not look like a Git repository URL:

You need to go to a specific repository and select the clone URL there, e.g. try this:

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