PHP encuentra todos los nombres de clase, incluidas las clases extendidas, si existe

I am trying to find list of all class including extended class too. I have tried get_declared_classes() but it is excluding all extended classes.

Any way to get all classes including extends?

class profile extends Authentication
// methods

Entonces quiero encontrar Authentication al igual que profile

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What do you refer to by "extended classes"? Derived classes? Those should be listed... -

@arkascha I have updated question with example. I want to list all class name as well as extends class name too -

Those are indeed derived classes. I just made a short test script and I can confirm: derived classes están listado. -

I have checked and found it is ignoring few of them. FYI, I am using Codeigniter -

That function just lists the global namespace filtered towards classes. If it does not list a class it is not defined. The function does not randomly ignore a few or something. Note: this would just mean that the classes actualmente do not exist. Maybe it is an issue with including stuff? -

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