Tomando el texto de la opción de selección de la opción de selección fantasia [cerrado]

<select id="from" name="from" required="required" class="fancified">

<option value="1">abc</option>
<option value="2">fgh</option></select>

<div class="trigger">abc</div>

<select id="to" name="to" required="required" class="fancified">

<option value="1">yuo</option>
<option value="2">ioj</option></select>

<div class="trigger">yuo</div>

since fancybox is applied to select. I need to get Penang selected option.

which can be done doing this:


my problem is, I have another drop down using fancified. When i $('trigger').text(); I'm getting text from both. How can I separate it, I need both of them separately.

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Jquery is probably returning the first element it finds that matches the selector $('.trigger')

What you will need to do is grab the element being clicked and then maybe use the sibling selector


$('#from').on('change', function(event){

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Prueba esto:

$('.fancified').change(function() {
    var text = $(this).next().text();

También necesitas usar . to target class, so you need $('.trigger') en lugar de $('trigger')

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Prueba esta

$(".fancified option:selected").text();

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yes, for example abc and cdf is selected from two. Then I'm getting abccdf like this. How can I seperate it ? - Jyoti

show both selects in your code, i can see only one.. - zzlalani

you could wrap each of the fancy drop downs in a div and then call the child trigger e.g.

<div id="trg1"> ... fancy1 ...</div>
<div id="trg2"> ... fancy2 ...</div>

You can then select using

$('#trg1 trigger').val()
$('#trg2 trigger').val()

Respondido 12 Feb 14, 08:02

I already have id in val so I cannot do that - Jyoti

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