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I use IIS7 and Windows7 ultimate, and I need to install PHP on IIS in this machine, but the problem is I don't have any internet access in this computer, so the first step is search on standalone version, the result is nothing, then I try to install PHP on another machine (with internet access) and copy AppData files to target machine. So I install successfully in first machine and copy all the Web Platform Installer carpeta de AppData to target machine, but unfortunately the installation failed and need to connect to internet.

So how can I install PHP on IIS without internet access? I also have Web Platform Installer folder from first machine? does any one have any idea about this?

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Do you have the php for windows executables somewhere on your PC? If yes then you can simply goto to IIS Add Managed Handler and add *.php as the Request Path Module : FastCgiModule Executable : F:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\php-cgi.exe and restart IIS.

Esto debería hacerlo por ti.

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But I don't Have CGiModule Type, How Can I add it? - Saeid Alizade

Esto podría ayudar:

This is a guide how to add an handler, but uses php as its example

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