Error de compilación: excepción líquida: etiqueta desconocida 'bloque'

Been using Octopress for some days now. However recently met this error when using the following code block in my post:

<div class="container">
    {% block content %}
    {% endblock %}

El error devuelto es

Liquid Exception: Unknown tag 'block'

Looked around but cannot find a solution to this.

Why am I receiving a Liquid Exception?

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If you are trying to syntax highlight a codeblock, the documentos use the full word codeblock (as in {% codeblock %} en lugar de solo {% block %}) -

No hay block tag in liquid. -

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I know this is very old, but for reference, the liquid template language in Jekyll is still rather limited. I've run across references to liquid templates with extends y block, but Jekyll doesn't support these tags.

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No hay block plugin. That's the standard error you get when you are trying to use a plugin or YAML command that doesn't exist.

I think you may want one of the following:

{% blockquote %}
Four scores and sever years ago.
{% endblockquote %}


{% codeblock %}
$ rake generate
$ rake deploy
{% endcodeblock %}

You should really REALLY read the documentation at Octopress. It lists everything it comes with, especially for the basics of blogging:

It has many many MANY options for just those two I posted above. For exammple, I often define the author of my blockquotes:

{% blockquote Abraham Lincoln The Gettysburg Address %}
Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, 
{% endblockquote %}

And that would show up very pretty with a nice <cite> at the bottom, with La dirección de Gettysburg as a link to that webpage.

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